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This is what less than 12 hours in San Francisco looks like…I don’t recommend planning a trip to San Francisco for only 12 hours, but I had no choice. I was chaperoning my daughter’s 4th grade trip to San Francisco and Sacramento, so 12 hours is all I got in one of my favorite cities anywhere.


I’ve heard a lot of photographers say over the years that what we do “isn’t rocket science” or “isn’t brain surgery.” I can’t dispute that. But there are times when you can step up and use your photography to help others, and while that may not be complex or life-saving, it is such a wonderful gift (for others and for me).

Sarah Thompson suffered a near fatal cardiac episode on July 3rd – a virus attacked her heart and her condition deteriorated quickly. Through what can only be called a miracle, she survived and is now expected to make a 100% recovery. The cost of Sarah’s illness, both financial and emotional, is huge. I decided to offer kids mini-sessions to help raise money for Sarah and her family, and as a reminder to all of us parents that the chance to experience our children as healthy, happy, goofy little ones is a gift. This time is precious, for all too soon our little ones grow up.

These mini sessions are all about your kid. What’s their favorite dress up outfit at the moment? What sports do they love to play? Do they have a beloved stuffed animal? Sign up for a 15 minute mini and then tell your kiddo they get to call all the shots during this photo shoot. No stuffy poses or cheesy smiles!

Click on “send a message” below or email me at to book your mini session. Only 15 session are available at the moment – don’t delay!


I’ve been blessed with a few “full circle” moments in my business, but this one probably takes the cake. 6 years ago this month, Meghan and Tristan took a chance on me. They agreed to let me photograph their wedding – my first – with the full understanding that it may not go very well. But it did go well (thankfully!). I blogged my photos from their wedding, and my wedding photography business took off from there. And even though I’ve retired from weddings, here we are 6 years later, me photographing Meghan and Tristan, this time with their new baby Ethan. I know it sounds corny, but it really is a gift to be able to grow with my clients, to be there to celebrate life’s biggest and best moments. Congratulations Meghan and Tristan – your baby boy is beautiful! I love how inquisitive he appears in these photos. And I can’t forget to give Buddy the dog a special shout-out. He’s a good big brother.


This was our first view of Paris. It was pretty exciting to walk up the stairs from the Metro to see this. I can’t help but wonder if Parisians take for granted just how beautiful their city is?